We are looking for companies meeting all or most of the following criteria:
  • Strong innovative focus and a documented potential to build distinct competitive advantage (such as registered intellectual property, first-to-market advantage, technology leadership) thanks to research and development
  • Well-defined and scalable business model with commercial potential to capitalize on the competitive advantage
  • Competent, highly focused and credible management team aimed to excel
  • Technological and management capabilities to develop and implement the initial concept (for seed phase), introduce new product or service to market (for start-up capital) or generate significant growth potential in a wider geographical area
  • Having a proven technology base and clear technology angle
  • Aligned interest of project sponsors with generating investor return
  • Visibility of profitability break-even point
  • Potential to generate value in 4-7 years of investment horizon with exits probable in the same period (including visible funding plan for financing of further expansion if envisaged during the investment horizon)